A Brief Update

It’s been more than three years since TimeFrame was first released. As you can probably tell (from the outdated iPhone images on this site, if nothing else 😉 ), my initial hopes for my little calendar were not entirely realized. Though the people who bought it loved it, for various reasons, TimeFrame wasn’t able to get enough exposure to support its continuing development. I hoped to continue development on the side, but I needed most of my time and focus to relaunch my career as a cloud and devops architect after an almost two-year hiatus. That part of things has gone very well, thanks for asking. 🙂 But in the meantime, as part of their efforts to keep the App Store fresh and full of apps that work well on modern devices, Apple has removed TimeFrame from availability.

TimeFrame is still undergoing private development, though as a spare time initiative, I don’t have a clear idea when the next release will be. But I have some goals for it when it happens, informed by what I’ve learned over the last 4+ years, and sponsored in part by my day job.

It will be free. The design will be (and already is to a great extent) significantly updated, and simplified to focus on what TimeFrame does really well. The code will be structured to allow iterative development, so subsequent releases can happen more frequently. And there may be some excellent features (planned for the initial release, and still unduplicated in the market, to my surprise!) that will be included as in-app purchases.

That said, TimeFrame has always been a labor of love, and my goal primarily is to fill a space I still find lacking: a tool that enables its users to simply and intuitively grasp the use of one of their most important resources: time.

Until the next release, I hope those of you using TimeFrame continue to enjoy it as much as you’ve told me you do.


John David Parker Robinson

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John is the founding engineer at Ten David. He is a writer, photographer, poet, and app developer.

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