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Can I create a default tag for all events in a calendar?
Yes! In TimeFrame’s settings under the “Calendars” section, you can specify a tag to apply to all untagged events in each calendar you enable. Applying a new tag to an event on a calendar will cause that event to ignore the default tag setting.
Can time frames run past midnight?
Right now, time frames are restricted to a 24-hour period starting at midnight, so they can’t run over into the next day. But rotating time frames — the ability to start and end your “day” whenever you want — is high on our to do list!
Can I have different time frames for different days of the week?
Right now, the same time frame configuration is used for every day of the week. But frames which are configurable by day of the week, as well as for individual calendar days, are on their way.
Can I create additional tags or use custom colors?
TimeFrame’s current, curated set of tag colors cannot be altered, but plans are in the works for unlimited tags, as well as custom colors and Google Calendar event color integration.
When I create and then save an event, it disappears. Why is that?
New events are created on the default calendar, which is the same system-wide. If you create an event and it disappears, your default calendar (in the Settings app) may be set to a calendar you aren’t displaying in the app. Make sure your default calendar is enabled in the TimeFrame preferences, and this problem should correct itself.

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