TimeFrame: A Calendar That Gets You

fresh-perspective@2xWe’re proud to introduce TimeFrame: a calendar for iPhone that builds on age-old calendaring concepts to create a beautiful, wholly simple calendaring experience. TimeFrame was designed to freshly accommodate the way people use mobile calendars. Once you’ve used it, we think you’ll wonder why calendars haven’t always been this way.

The most groundbreaking feature TimeFrame offers is its simple, at-a-glance display of your schedule. Through frames that represent how you divide your day, TimeFrame allows you to see how your time is used just by looking at it: without having to select each day, then view and remember its contents. Color coded tags make important events stand out, and you know your time is available anywhere you see any empty frame.

TimeFrame’s calendar scrolls vertically without paging, displaying your schedule without wasting screen space on the past. The calendar display resizes freely, so that up to eleven weeks can be visible at a time on devices with 4-inch displays. If you choose to show only one week, scrolling switches to the horizontal, allowing the next seven days to be visible even if it’s the end of the week. Events can be created and edited with the most-used details available without leaving the calendar display. While editing, the calendar updates in real time, so you can see how changes will impact your schedule before you save. We’ve paid a lot of attention to detail while designing TimeFrame, and we think you’ll be delighted to discover what other capabilities we’ve included.

We’re launching TimeFrame with a price of $2.99. It’s available on the app store, and you can learn more about what it has to offer at its landing page. We hope you love it, and we welcome your feedback! We believe software is best created in community, and invite anyone to become a part of our design process.

We’ve been fortunate over the last year to be able to work with some ridiculously talented people. There are too many to mention here: the credits section in the app holds a more complete list. But it has been a true pleasure working with Stephen at Anchour Creative, with whom we collaborated on TimeFrame’s visual design, and who designed Ten David’s excellent logo. We also extend our thanks to Darden Studio, who provided the truly excellent Omnes Pro typeface, which we feel perfectly captures TimeFrame’s unique personality.

We’ve enjoyed creating TimeFrame, and we have big plans for this little calendar. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy using it as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it.

About the Author
John is the founding engineer at Ten David. He is a writer, photographer, poet, and app developer.