TimeFrame thinks the way you do.

Using frames that represent how you divide your day, TimeFrame allows you to see how your time is used at just a look.

Organize, your way.

Customizable tags keep track of your events, and work with one calendar or many. Important events stand out, and you know your time is available anywhere you see an empty frame.

See the future.

TimeFrame's calendar slides vertically, displaying your schedule without wasting screen space on the past. And it resizes freely, so you aren't restricted to viewing just one month at a time.

Save space.

Need to focus? Bring your day to the forefront, and see the next week while you do it. TimeFrame gives you control of the details you want to see.

Time is of the essence.

Events can be created and edited quickly, without leaving the calendar display. Edits affect the calendar in real time, so you can see how changes will impact your schedule before you save.

It's the little things.

New events are initially placed in free time. Edits are speedy and intuitive. Facebook events open right from the main view.